Kiss Me I’m Irish Bookstack
Kiss Me I’m Irish Bookstack

    Kiss Me I’m Irish Bookstack


    This cute bookstack will be a great addition to your St. Patrick’s Day decor! These can be used in tiered trays, on mantles, shelves, tables, etc.

    This bookstack is made of actual paperback books. Books may vary slightly in size but are matched up to create a unique look for the stack. Most books vary between 6-8.5” in length. Sometimes when removing the covers, more or less paper can be removed. This ads to the character and uniqueness of the bookstack. Coloring can also vary depending on how old the paper is. All words are on the left (left justified) and lower case unless you request something different. Books are not glued together, but are tied together with twine and or ribbon. Please send me a message if customization is needed.

    For this bookstack, please specify green or black ink.